August 2020

Haden Insolvency Limited is a reputable business registered in 1999. No trading has been carried out by this entity since 2006, due to retirement of the Principal.

We are aware of an imposter person/persons presently illegitimately and illegally using the Haden Insolvency Limited company name, registered office address and company number for potentially illegitimate purposes.

As detailed above, Haden Insolvency Limited is not currently trading so any correspondence issued, professing to be from Haden Insolvency Limited, cannot be genuine. It is only this illegitimate person/persons which would contact anyone.

The legitimate and genuine Haden Insolvency Limited would not do so.

We are taking action to remedy the current scenario. We would strongly recommend that you do not deal with anyone professing to be from Haden Insolvency Limited using the following details:-

  • Telephone number: 01543 624 797
  • Website:
  • Email:

Please strongly consider this advice as you may be vulnerable if you do not.

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